Philips Wasserfilterpatrone Saeco Espressomaschine




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Wasserfilterpatrone Saeco Espressomaschine


No descaling up to 5000 cups.
With each filter you can enjoy up to 625 cups!
Enjoy pure water for a fine tasting coffee thanks to the innovative AquaClean water filter.
AquaClean filters the water to ensure intense aroma and it reduces the need to descale your machine by preventing the formation of limescale.
Forget about descaling for up to 5000 cups
• Naturally removes calcium thanks to ion-exchange technology
• Your machine will not clog thanks to the micro-porous filter

Pure water delivers the purest coffee
• Clear water optimally purified by the patented water flow
• Micro-porous filter blocks any impurities

Easy to install and use
• Effortlessly activate the filter with the click&go system
• Activating AquaClean deactivates the descaling alarm

Reliable machine protection
• Only use Philips consumables


2x AquaClean water filter

Technische Eigenschaften

<ul><li>Anwendung: Saeco Espressomaschine</li><li>Reinigung Typ: Filter</li></ul>

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